• StandUpGirl.com has over 26 million visitors seeing over 400,000 per month along with another 295,000 visits per month to our Facebook page.
  • StandUpGirl.com recently attended the Oregon Liberty Alliance's Freedom Rally on February 6th in Portland to share our ministry with the over 1,700 attendees who had come to show their support for Conservative values.
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  • I think your StandUpGirl website is very useful. Girls will listen to what other girls have to say. - Kate, PRC Counselor

  • I learned a lot as I had not heard of StandUpGirl until the dinner. Thank you for what you do. -Marilyn, Eugene

  • Everything was perfect! 3 couples we brought had never heard of StandUpGirl and all were very impressed! - Connie, Eugene

  • It was all beautiful! - Erin, Portland

  • Thank you for the nice evening! - Wayne, Salem

  • Setting and meal was fabulous! - Anonymous, Salem

  • Your website is an excellent idea! - Katy, Salem

  • Perfect! - Vicky, Astoria

  • Excellent speaker! And I loved seeing the pictures of the little babies whose mothers chose life. Both got me teary! - Anonymous, Astoria

  • Everyone involved did an amazing job! -Susie, Medford

  • Very well planned event. - Rory, Medford

  • Awesome job – thanks for all the good you do for the unborn and their mom. - Anonymous, Portland

  • One of the best we have attended! - Doyal, Portland

  • As always, the event was both informative and inspiring. - Mariann, Corvallis 2016

  • What a beautiful presentation! One huge thank you to StandUpGirl.com for making a difference to young girls. - Sam, Corvallis 2016

  • Everything was great. Wouldn't change a thing. - Polly, Corvallis 2016

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