• Babies Go To Congress 2016. L to R: Senator Jeff Merkeley, Teka Brown with Tailor, Dawn Marie Perez, Elizabeth Spillman and Peggy Hartshorn, Heartbeat International.
  • StandUpGirl.com has over 26 million visitors seeing over 400,000 per month along with another 295,000 visits per month to our Facebook page.
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  • I think your StandUpGirl website is very useful. Girls will listen to what other girls have to say. - Kate, PRC Counselor

  • I learned a lot as I had not heard of StandUpGirl until the dinner. Thank you for what you do. -Marilyn, Eugene

  • Everything was perfect! 3 couples we brought had never heard of StandUpGirl and all were very impressed! - Connie, Eugene

  • It was all beautiful! - Erin, Portland

  • Thank you for the nice evening! - Wayne, Salem

  • Setting and meal was fabulous! - Anonymous, Salem

  • Your website is an excellent idea! - Katy, Salem

  • Perfect! - Vicky, Astoria

  • Excellent speaker! And I loved seeing the pictures of the little babies whose mothers chose life. Both got me teary! - Anonymous, Astoria

  • Everyone involved did an amazing job! -Susie, Medford

  • Very well planned event. - Rory, Medford

  • Awesome job – thanks for all the good you do for the unborn and their mom. - Anonymous, Portland

  • One of the best we have attended! - Doyal, Portland

  • As always, the event was both informative and inspiring. - Mariann, Corvallis 2016

  • What a beautiful presentation! One huge thank you to StandUpGirl.com for making a difference to young girls. - Sam, Corvallis 2016

  • Everything was great. Wouldn't change a thing. - Polly, Corvallis 2016

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